director's statement

There's that thing that happens to girls when they hit a certain age. Before it hits, they eat all the candy they can get their hands on. They fearlessly dive from monkey bar to monkey bar. They dance and sing and jump on things and scrap and laugh and are loud and relentless... then that thing happens. And they stop. Hard Way Girl is about that moment when things change. In this story, it's also about when things change back. Because anyone who's ever been a little girl, or loved a little girl remembers that sweaty, grimy, fun, funny, carefree time, and wonders where it went. Of course people grow up. Of course things change. But the happiest, coolest women I know remember what they loved when they were little. They allow themselves to dip into those memories and incorporate them into who they continue to be. My husband Kyle Irving and I made this film together, for our girls, who star in the movie. And for all girls. And for all moms and dads. And for anyone who was a little girl, or loved a little girl. None of us know what happens in that transition from girlhood to womanhood that makes us forget the fun. But here's to remembering. Rebecca Gibson, writer/director/producer of Hard Way Girl

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